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In Play trading

This article offers a brief insight into in-play trading and the techniques & strategies to use.

Since in-play trading has been a relatively new additon to the way we trade football at  - it has developed from its fairly crude beginnings two years ag with the SHS strategy - this article as it stands is not a totally definitve exposition on how best to profit from it.
There are plenty of ways to skin a cat and evidence of this can be seen in the Chat Room where a typical In-Play live session can produce twelve or more trading opportunities posted by our members


The biggest advantage that in-play trading can give the trader is the use of statistics and the fact that we can see how a game is panning out based on what we are seeing (if watching the game live).


The statistics to note are as follows:


- Shots on Target (home & away teams)

- Corners

- Possession

- Red Cards


It should be clear to anyone following a game and wishing to trade it,  that a 0-0 scoreline at HT with, say, just one shot on target will tell us that there is not much in the way of goal mouth action.

Backing Over 2.5 goals at this point could be considered as unjustified.

However, should the game be 0-0 at HT with more than 5 SOTs then some trading opportunity can present itself


What strategy to use?


- Looking back over the in-play results (check them out here) a trade that seems to work consistently well is to LAY Current score - particularly 1-0 / 0-1


- Full Monty: LAY Under 2.5 goals + BACK 0-0. A goal in the first 5-20mins of the 2nd half will enable you to clear the red on Under2.5 and then you hope for more goals


- Gunslinger: LAY leading team in Match Odds + LAY current score. Stake in such a way that if the fav score again, your win on the CS lay will at least cover your liability on the fav Match Odds bet


- Clint: To be used 15-20 mins into the game. Over 2.5 will have drifted to a more attractive price and you can BACK this market if you feel the conditions - SOTs, corners, etc - are met


- 2nd half SG: 0-0 at HT BACK 1-1/ 2-0 / 0-2. Best used with teams who are evenly priced in Match Odds market


- SHS: 0-0 at HT. Drip LAY 0-0 (or the draw) @ decreasing odds - 2.0 / 1.75 / 1.45 / 1.25. A goal in the 91st min and you have won all four lays!


These are just some strategies to employ. No doubt we will be adding more as this lucrative way of trading develops in the future.


And one specific point of interest here is the development of our own bespoke software tool : The In Play Scanner which highlights at a glance those games where trading opportunities can exist.

This software can be found on our sister site. Click on the image below for details



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