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The engine room of the service. This is where we get down to the business of making money by trading live football matches . The atmosphere is exciting and we always advise that attendees remain focused on the job in hand.
Access available to members only but if you want a preview of what the rooms look like.


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Welcome to


Here at we do not offer a tipping service.

Rather, we provide training and advice on how to trade profitably on the betting exchanges.

The site contains all the necessary resources to achieve this.

Live trading chat rooms, video tutorials, strategy theories, trading tips and techniques and a selection of articles on football trading.

In addition, there is access to our own bespoke software tools designed to give the best possible edge into becoming a successful trader.

Like what you see? Then give us a try. Come and join the best football trading service on the net today.








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A selection of articles on strategies and trading techniques which give an insight into diverse topics. Read about match selection criteria, odds movement, entry & exit point rules.....even the psychology of trading and the mindset required. These articles provide you with fundamental information on understanding the concept of the betting exchange and how to make profits.


To view these articles please go to our library Go to articles

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Premier League antepost bets

  The Premier League kicks off August 17th with the first game scheduled at 12.45pm : Liverpoool v Stoke Now this got me thinking about the fixture list. Often in the past I have looked at this subject towards the back end of the season where the odds on "to be relegated" or "top 6 finish" markets can provide some interesting side bets away from the day to day stuff of trading individual matches.

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PC Set Up

If you have designs on becoming a Professional Football or Sports Trader then having the right set up is paramount to being successful. We have read too many stories of hundreds and thousands being lost when the markets are suspended, go down, or there is a power cut

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99% of statistics are made up. Vic Reeves. Actor & Comedian

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Scalping Correct Scores

We often talk about Scalping within the chat room area and it's great to see so many members doing it but what is the best score to Scalp? And what is hte best way to do it?

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Founded in 2009, the service has gone from strength to strength. With over 150 members Ads feel justifiably proud that he has brought his skills & knowledge to a growing audience. is a consultancy and trading service that teaches clients the art of trading sports on the betting exchanges.
It provides a platform for a community of like minded traders of all levels to share ideas and information about the complex, yet fascinating, world of sports trading.


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